1911 XRB Extreme Rubber Band Gun


Hi-Velocity shooting: 

This is when a single band is stretched from the tip, doubled over the Drophammer, and then pulled back to the tip.  Though this high-tension, high-impact mode of Extreme Rubber Band shooting is inherently dangerous due to the potential for backfires, misfires, slips, etc., the rewards of hi-velocity shooting far outweigh the risks.  Learn and habitualize one simple rule and you'll probably never put your eye out with the 1911 XRB: 


Never, ever "sight up" a target with your eye directly behind the drophammer as you do in lo-velocity mode.  Instead learn to sight up a target down the side of the weapon, with the  line of the sight off to the side of your head. You can be just as accurate with some practice, and save yourself some embarrassment in the event of a backfire. 

Click on thumbnail images below to see  the visual instructions on how to load and shoot your 1911 XRB in Hi-Velocity Mode. Just click on the first image and click on the picture or next to move through the images. You can also just role over the image to see the instructions.