1911 XRB Extreme Rubber Band Gun


How It's Made

Story of the 1911 XRB: 

The 1911 XRB you have received is the most exquisitely crafted and over-engineered Extreme Rubber Band weapon ever devised.  With the fit, feel and size of the US Military's most revered sidearm, the M1911 .45 Auto - you'll find this to be the most comfortable and natural shooting experience you can have at home or in the office! Who hasn't wanted to blast the office radio for playing that same Daughtry song for the 50th time today, or pick off that fly or moth buzzing around the house? Well, now you can with a level of pin-point accuracy that you've only dreamt of. But better yet, you will now win your office and breakroom wars just on style alone - a more elegant latex rubber projectile delivery system has never been produced, and your opponents - the owners of clearly inferior weapons will cower in humilation and fear. 

But just remember, like Uncle Ben said in that Spiderman movie, "With great power comes great responsibility."  I've been informed by several concerned moms who've seen the prototype 1911 XRB's, "You can put an eye out with that thing!"  Well I can assure you - over the process of testing and fine tuning this gunsmith-quality milled-steel trigger group I've been hit in the right eye with it numerous times and I can still see perfectly fine! (It does twitch a little bit now, however).  But that's one of the reasons for writing this 1911 XRB operations manual. I’m told that in the wrong hands this is an extremely dangerous toy, but that's what makes it so much fun, isn't it?  Be sure your kids learn how to use it properly.  So here's your primer: 

Operation of the 1911 XRB:

Engineered specifically for the Office Max #64 premium office rubber band, the 1911 XRB is designed to shoot in either lo-velocity mode or hi-velocity mode. (I've found lo-velocity mode to be very satisfying, especially for just random shooting around the home or office in the 5'-10' range.)  OfficeMax 64's have the perfect weight and thickness to shoot well in this range and hit with a satisfying "slap". 

A brief note about rubber bands:

All rubber bands deteriorate with use and while mostly consistent, any given bag of OM64's will have a certain amount of variation in thickness, weight, tension, etc. But all bands generally become progressively weaker and/or thinner with repeated use and you have to plan for the lifespan of your ammo.  This becomes a safety issue in Hi-velocity shooting, (more about that below) but misfires are non-existent in low-velocity shooting.